I’m making work about moments. Moments of quiet defiance in the face of an indifferent and unyielding landscape. Humans are constantly engulfed in a world we aren’t meant to face alone, yet, perhaps by providence, we do again and again. Living within these cycles is isolating and disconcerting. Lonely. We simply exist and desperately try to affect power in the world as we slowly wither away. Then we are gone. The only thing left is the world still moving in its cycles.

I photograph to find answers. Small truths to hold onto. A reflection of how I experience the world. I’m sometimes overwhelmed by things that are moving forward yet staying the same. So I look for the moments of calm.  The space in a breath when I’m at peace with the power of the world.  

My work is about resilience. It is about my unwillingness to give into the landscape. It is about keeping hope alive in the face of an unwinnable fight as unchanging as the tides.