When I was a kid I always dreamed about who I would be when I was older.   Life was infinite. I was a dragon or a superhero who everyone loved and needed.  As I grew older the world shrunk around me both in time and space and my dreams got smaller as well. The one constant was that my dreams were only about me.  

I belong to a generation that has constantly been accused of being selfish and entitled.  The decisions made for us before we knew any better were defined by a different world. We were given advice that was based on a world that simply doesn’t exist anymore.   I’ve been encouraged to create dreams that border on fantasy. The path that has been laid out for me is a path of failure, and with each failure the world feels bigger and more lonely. It’s easy to to feel powerless.

Recently i’ve been photographing with a Lomo’ Instant camera.  This camera has been refreshing and inspiring to me even though it is essentially a toy. Something that is small and essentially useless. In spite of that,  I’ve begun to collect physical objects as a record of my experience. Having these objects has encouraged me to photograph the people around me in a way I never have before.  Seeing the people around me confront the same path of failure and having a record of it. My dreams have started to grow and fill this small world. Not because they are bigger or less realistic, but because they have started to intertwine with the dreams of the people around me.